Member Logo

Display with pride.

The RAMAC Member Logo may be downloaded by current chamber members by clicking on and saving the images below.

Other ways to display your RAMAC membership with pride is by hanging a RAMAC Member window cling at your front door or window. If you do not have a membership window cling, please contact RAMAC staff to be provided one.

RAMAC member with slogan
RAMAC member

Policy for Use of the RAMAC Member Logo

  • The RAMAC Member logo may only be used by a member of RAMAC within current good standing. If the member fails to remain in good standing with the chamber, the member must cease all use of the logo.
  • The user acknowledges that the logos are certification mark owned by the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce.
  • The user may not use the logo(s) as a trademark, i.e., the logo(s) may not be used to identify the source of goods and/or services offered by the user.
  • User may not alter, re-color, or re-create the logo(s) in any manner.
  • Logo(s) must be used as-is and the user may not incorporate any other wording or designs into the logo(s). However, the user’s own trademark may appear on the goods/services in which the logo appears.
  • User may not display the logo in any way that disparages the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce or its products or services.
  • If the RAMAC Member logo is posted on an active member’s website, it must have an active link to the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce home page at
  • The RAMAC Member logo may be used on an active member’s: Letterhead, Website, Printed materials referencing the member’s status

The Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce reserves the right to terminate or modify permission to display the logo(s) at any time. RAMAC reserves the right to take action against any user who fails to conform to these policies, infringes any RAMAC intellectual property or other right or violates other applicable law.